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These lights, cheaper than Re 1, are creating a ruckus! the light will dazzle your eyes

LED Night Light: There are many types of night lamps in the market which generate good night light in your house at night. However, buying these often goes out of your budget and that is why people are unable to use night lamps. They cost thousands of rupees and you can put them in some corner of the house but do you know that even if your budget is not to spend thousands of rupees You can keep a lot of light in your room at night and you will have to spend less than ₹1. If you are not sure about us, then today we are going to tell you about this. Actually what a great bulb has come in the market which is smaller than 1 cm in size and cheaper than ₹1 in price but its light is so strong which surprised you Will do.

Which is or what is bulb and what is its specialty

The bulb we are talking about is actually an LED bulb that is smaller than 1 centimeter in size. Its name is.You may have used them to play in your school project or at home. If you want to buy these, you can order from Amazon and book them. It costs just ₹79 on Amazon and by spending so much money you get 100 pieces of this light. If you are also looking to buy this lighting, then it can prove to be a good option for you because burning its single unit will cause good light in your room And at night it does not seem that the light is off. Or actually comes in 5 colors including green, red, yellow blue and white.

If you talk about the specialty, you can run them with a normal battery used at home or you can bring a rechargeable battery from the market which costs from ₹50 Occurs between ₹100. You can also run this lighting thanks to the power bank and it works as a lamp. 

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