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These foods will increase your blood pressure.

According to the nutritionist, when eating fried, blood pressure rises gradually, since normal blood flow is disturbed only over time. She stressed that trans fats destroy the vascular endothelium, as well as the blood fractions themselves. As Solomatina clarifies, it works like this: cholesterol rushes into the vessels. An atherosclerotic plaque forms, which slows down blood flow. The heart needs to work intensively, and the body raises the pressure to ensure the flow of blood, since there is not enough blood in the vital organs.

Sugar-containing foods also increase blood pressure. Solomatina noted that a lot of sugar is added to sausages, sauces, and any processed, low-fat foods. “As a result, eating such sugary high-glycemic foods can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes, and this again damages blood vessels. An atherosclerotic plaque appears, it interferes with the blood flow, and the pressure rises ”– says the nutritionist.

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