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These five things are not covered in health insurance! Know some important things

Health Insurance Claim: Since the start of the corona epidemic, people have become more conscious about their health and future. Nowadays everyone has started to understand the necessity of buying health insurance. But, it is very important to keep certain things in mind before buying any health insurance. Most of the companies do not include some health problems in their insurance cover. So let’s know about those diseases.

1. Dental Problems
Most of the insurance companies do not cover dental problems in health insurance cover. The reason for this is that there is no need to admit a person to the hospital if there is a dental problem. But, if you have become a victim of an accident, then in such a situation, dental problems can get insurance cover.

2. In case of problems related to eyes and ears
Generally, health insurance claim is not available even if there is a problem of ear and eye. But, if there is any problem in your eyes and work due to an accident, then in such a situation you can take an insurance claim.

3. Claim is not available on previous disease
If a person is already suffering from any disease, then in such a situation he does not get an insurance claim. But, let us tell you that most of the insurance companies give the benefit of insurance cover to the customers even in the earlier illness after a certain waiting period.

4. Don’t Get Over Cosmetic Surgery
Nowadays, many different types of cosmetic surgeries are being done. In such a situation, the health insurance company does not give the claim of such surgery to the customers. You cannot get any claim on cosmetic surgeries like implants, liposuction etc.

5. No claim is available in Infertility and Abortion
Most of the insurance companies do not provide health cover to women during health related problems like infertility and abortion.

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