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These electric devices come in less than Rs 1000, will make kitchen work easy

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These devices, which cost less than a thousand rupees, will make kitchen work easier.

Many people have large families and many people live apart from their families. In both these situations, you find kitchen work burdensome. Everyone wants to prepare food quickly and leave for their work. Therefore, today we will tell you about 5 such devices with the help of which your work will become easier. The best thing is that you are getting these devices with great discounts on the e-commerce platform Amazon.

BLLUEX Puri/Roti Maker

Making roti or puri is the most laborious task at home. But if you have a roti maker, you can feed the entire family a full meal within minutes. This roti maker will help you on e-commerce platform. amazon But it is available with 42 percent discount for only Rs 454.

ARDAKI Egg Boiler

This machine can boil 7 eggs simultaneously, with its help you will save a lot of time. Although the original price of this gadget is Rs 999, but you can amazon You can buy it with 70 percent discount for only Rs 299.

Knife Peeler Portable

Cutting or peeling vegetables will all be done within minutes. With this portable gadget it may take you less time than a common knife. Its original price is Rs 999 but you can buy it amazon You can buy it for Rs 329 with 67 percent discount.

Mini Sealing Machine

Many times, if things like chips, namkeen and biscuits are left in the packet, they get sealed. Due to which their taste becomes bad later in food. But you can seal your packet again. You can carry this machine even while travelling. You can get it for just Rs 298 amazon Can buy from.

4 in 1 Electric Handheld Cooking Hammer

You are getting Multi Function Vegetable and Fruit Cutter at a very low price, although its original price is Rs 999 but you can buy it at Rs. amazon Available for only Rs 650 with 35 percent discount.

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