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These covers can spoil the body of the phone, never use


New Delhi. If you want to keep your smartphone as new for years and years and do not want to spend money for it, then obviously you have to buy the right cover for it. Actually, the right body cover keeps the smartphone safe and works to protect it from damage from the inside. Today we are going to tell you about those smartphone body covers that you should always avoid using and use good covers in their place.

hard plastic cover

If you use a hard plastic cover, then you should stop using it, in fact, this cover scratches the paint on the body of the smartphone, due to which it looks old and unsightly. The cost of this cover is very less but it damages the phone badly. You should stop using it.

leather cover

The leather cover sometimes comes with a plastic holster in which your smartphone can be trapped. However, it is made of the same kind of hard plastic which damages the paint of the smartphone. You should stop using it.

glass cover

The glass cover also covers your smartphone from all sides, but there is also a risk of body damage in it, so if you are thinking of using it, then it is better not to do so.

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