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These buds translate into more than 40 languages, put them in your ears and see the max

New Delhi:Translator Earphones : If you are going to travel outside India then you have to face a big problem. Crisis means communicating in another language. The language of another country is different. So you have to hire a translator. Translator fees are also expensive. So you have no other option. Now we have brought information about a special Translator Earbuds for you. It can translate to every language.

The Timekettle WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds are nothing short of magical. These earbuds capture 40 languages. That means you can translate 40 languages ​​after installing it. You can also use 93 Accent. Its translating speed is so high that it can translate languages ​​within 2 to 3 seconds. Also, the earbuds work in offline mode.

You get 25 hours of battery life in the Earbuds. Its design is very well thought out. Due to this reason, it fits easily in the ear. You can buy these earbuds for 159 USD. Its special feature is that you can translate in Hindi as well. It is used on touch mode, speaker mode.

The company is offering a 1-year warranty on these earbuds. 6 months warranty accessory is being provided. Android 12 or higher version is required to connect it with iPhone. It doesn’t connect on lower versions. Also it can be ordered both offline and online. It will be delivered within 5 to 8 days after ordering.

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