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These are the top 5 multibagger stocks, which gave returns of up to 3450 percent in two years

Multibagger stocks: Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic at the beginning of 2020, the stock market started selling heavily, and on 23 March 2020, it made its lowest level. In the next two years, the stock market registered a strong return. The Indian stock market has given great returns to its investors in the last two years amid the global economy in the grip of the pandemic. Here we are giving a list of top-5 multibagger stocks that have given strong returns to their shareholders in the last two years:

1- Tanla Platforms : On 23 March 2020, the stock of this cloud communications company closed at ₹ 39.85 on NSE. On 24 March 2022, Tanla share price closed at ₹1413.70 on NSE, registering an increase of around 3450 per cent over the last two years. However, this multibagger stock did not remain untouched by the sell-off in 2022 as it fell from ₹1839 to ₹1413.70 levels, which is a decline of nearly 25 per cent year-on-year (YTD) time. Despite this, this stock has given a return of 70 percent to its shareholders in the last 6 months.

2- Tips Industries: This stock of music, film production and film distribution company closed at ₹ 85.35 on NSE on 23 March 2020. In these two years, the price of TIPS share closed at ₹ 2354.95 on March 24, 2022, registering an increase of about 2660 percent. In the last one year, TIPS shares have risen from around ₹490 to ₹2355, a growth of about 375 per cent in this period. In the last 6 months, this multibagger stock has gained around 85 per cent, while in the last one month it has gained close to 22 per cent.

3-Vishnu Chemicals: This multibagger chemical stock closed at Rs 71.55 on NSE on 23 March 2020 while it closed at Rs 1723.60 level on 24 March 2022. There was an increase of 2300 percent in these two years. This chemical stock has increased from ₹ 265 to ₹ 1723 level in the last one year, an increase of about 565 percent in this period, while it has increased by 140 percent in the last 6 months. This multibagger stock has increased from ₹1259 to the level of 1723. There was an increase of about 40 percent during this period.

4- Adani Total Gas: This stock of Adani Group closed at ₹ 89.20 on NSE on 23 March 2020, while it closed at ₹1979.75 level with an increase of about 2120 percent in these two years. In the last one year, this multibagger stock has given around 130 per cent to its shareholders while in the last 6 months it has given around 45 per cent. Similarly, it has gained close to 30 per cent in the past one month despite weakness in the markets due to the Russo-Ukraine war.

5-Borosil Renewables: This multibagger stock had a closing of ₹32.65 per share on NSE on 23 March 2020, while it closed at ₹599 level on NSE on 24 March 2022, an increase of 1735 per cent in these two years. This multibagger stock has given 145 per cent returns in the last one year while it has gained close to 100 per cent in the last six months. In the last one month, this stock has given a return of about 10 per cent to its shareholders.

(Disclaimer: The performance information provided here is not just investment advice. Investing in the stock market is subject to risks and please consult your advisor before investing.)

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