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These are the reasons for the blast in smartphones, take care of such ‘take’ smartphones in summer, see these tips

Incidents of explosion in smartphones have become common nowadays. OnePlus Nord 2 exploded again a few days ago. There are some things that need to be taken care of. Now that summer has started, there is a need to pay more attention to smartphones. We’ve compiled a list of some of the reasons why smartphones explode. We will also tell you what you can do to prevent such incidents. For example, pay attention to the instructions given by the phone. Be sure to use a first-party charger. Do not force the phone, keep the phone away from water etc. Especially if it is not water-resistant. Do not charge the phone when it is very hot and do not place it under the pillow or near the head while charging. Let’s find out the causes of phone blast and how to prevent it.

Keeping the phone in the sun

Excessive heat can damage the phone’s battery. This causes some cells to become unstable and lose exothermic breakdown. At the same time, gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide are formed. These gases cause the battery to swell and explode. Therefore, it is advisable not to keep the handset in direct sunlight and in the car for a long time.

User error: There have also been incidents of smartphones exploding due to the mistakes of many users. The Realme 5 phone exploded while the user was riding a bike. The company claimed in the test that the explosion was caused by an external factor on the phone. This punctured the battery and damaged the motherboard. Do not allow any problem in the factor of such phone. If this happens go to the service center.

Overnight charging

In addition to using a third-party charger, overnight charging is the main reason. Most of us have a habit of keeping our phone on charging while we sleep. As a result, the battery overheats. Overcharging, short-circuits and occasional explosions are possible. Now most smartphones come with a chip. Which stops the power supply when the battery level is 100 percent. But, there are still some affordable handsets that do not have this feature. It can be dangerous to keep such a smartphone on charging overnight. So it is equally important to pay attention to charging.

Water exposure

Nowadays affordable handsets come with a minimal splash-resistant coating. Which saves the phone from water. You can try an experiment. In a cheap smartphone keep any debris or punctured battery and put water inside. If the battery of the phone is bad then water can cause explosion.

Using a Third Party Charger: This is a common mistake. Yes, most people do. It can be dangerous if you charge the phone with a charger other than the original charger. Although many chargers look like your original charger, they can damage your phone and damage your phone’s battery.


Processor overload

Processor overload: Multiple tasks and heavy graphics apps like PUBG cause thermal issues in many of the phone’s chipsets. To avoid this, many OEMs have started adding thermal lock feature or thermal paste to control the heating problem of handsets. However, in most cases this trick also fails and the thermal lock stops working and the phone explodes. In that case, the phone should stop forcibly loading. So as to get rid of the problem of blasting with a smooth process. Ignoring this can damage the phone.


Manufacturing Fault

The main reason for the phone malfunctioning is the manufacturing fault. The lithium-ion battery that powers the handset needs to be thoroughly inspected before being inserted into the phone. The phone may explode if something goes wrong during assembly. Cheaper batteries are more likely to cause short circuits.

Physical damage: Another reason for the phone to explode is physical damage. Sometimes the battery can be damaged when the phone is dropped. This can lead to short-circuits, overheating and more. Once the battery runs out, it often swells. In this case it is better to repair. If this happens take the phone to the service center immediately.

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