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These are the jobs in which you do not have to go to the office… earn big money from creativity

Creative Career Options: Choosing a career is not easy and especially going in the right field according to your capabilities, identifying it and understanding that this field is right for you in the long run is really a difficult task. Many times years pass by a wrong decision and then it is known that the wrong field has been chosen. The same happens with some creative people. Are creative and do not want to get stuck in an office job or do not like to work in a confined space, then you can make a career in one of these fields.

tattoo artist

The work of tattoo artist is in great demand these days. In this, from making the sketch to embossing it on the skin, one has to work very carefully and with patience. It is also important to understand the needs of the client. You can easily earn from 20 thousand rupees a month by doing job here to 50 thousand rupees a month if you do your own work. Money increases with work and experience.

makeup artist

Makeup artists are no longer limited to salons only. This work can be started from anywhere with good training, experience and right products. Social media has made the job easy. That’s why if you have a hobby to enhance people’s face with creativity, then you can go in this field. Here up to 40 to 50 thousand rupees can be earned in a month.

video editor

The video editor edits the recorded footage to deliver it to the audience in less time and makes sure that only quality content is delivered in the final video. It is very creative to put text, song, audio etc. in it. They can earn 25 to 35 thousand rupees in the initial days of the month.

interior designers

It is not easy to design anyone’s dream home, office or any other place. Understanding the needs of the client and designing interiors according to his taste is challenging as well as satisfying. Information ranging from colors to coordination is required to enter this field. If you are interested then come in this field and earn 28 to 48 thousand rupees per month.

fashion designer

Fashion designer designs from clothes to footwear. Their creativity can give a new avatar to anyone. This is such a work whose demand never decreases. For this, you should have a good knowledge of fabric, color and drawing. In the initial phase, you can earn up to 30 thousand rupees.


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