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These are the fastest shoes in the world! Your running speed will increase by 250 times, know the price

Robotics engineers have come up with special shoes and claim they are the fastest shoes in the world. These shoes are fitted with 8 wheels which increase the walking speed of a person by up to 250 percent. Engineers have named them Moonwalkers, which look like roller skates. They are tied like a strap around normal shoes and the electric motor in the shoes makes the person move forward rapidly.

of daily mail Report According to these shoes It has been developed by a team of robotics engineers at Shift Robotics. If a person covers a distance of 4.8 kilometers in an hour with normal shoes, if he wears moonwalkers, then he can cover a distance of 11 kilometers in an hour.

The company will offer these shoes for $ 1,399 i.e. around Rs 1,15,466. That is, they are not cheap at all. The company is engaged in a crowdfunding campaign to take them to the consumers. His target is 90 thousand dollars. The delivery of these shoes is likely to start in March next year.

You must be thinking that how will you walk wearing these shoes. All this is possible through technology. For example, the wheels of these shoes can be locked by activating a mode while climbing stairs. All this is possible through machine learning algorithms embedded in the shoes. This algorithm adapts itself according to the movements of the consumer.

The story of the making of these shoes is also interesting. The company’s founder Xunjie Zhang was going to work on a scooter, when he met with an accident with a car. “I started asking myself why I didn’t walk for 30 minutes,” Zhang said in a video. Had I not been on the scooter, that accident would not have happened. After this work on Moonwalkers started. These shoes are battery-powered and can cover up to 11 kms on a full charge in 1.5 hours. The AI ​​algorithm used in this learns the movements of the users and makes them move faster.

These shoes may be expensive, but they look like a new mirror of the technology of the future. It tells how advanced the time will make a person.

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