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These are India’s five biggest cyber attacks, health services are on target of hackers


In India too, the number of cyber attacks has increased in the last few years.
However, in the last few years, there has been a decrease in the number of frauds in banking transactions.
According to a report, after America, India has the highest number of cyber attacks on health services.

New Delhi. Cyber ​​attacks are increasing continuously around the world. In India too, the number of cyber attacks has increased in the last few years. Cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore in India are always the target of scammers. Despite the frequent cyber attacks, most people are careless. Due to this they have to suffer many times. Apart from this, there is also a large section in India who have no idea about cyber security solutions.

Meanwhile, scammers are trying new tricks to cheat people. India is facing cyber attacks in various business sectors and locations. Today we are going to tell you about some such cyber attacks, which have harmed famous people on a large scale.

Attack on Indian Health website
In 2019, Indian-based health service websites were victims of cyber attacks. According to US-based cyber security firms, hackers had breached a major health service website in India and attacked it. During this, the hacker stole 68 lakh records of doctors as well as patients. According to a report by cyber security firm CloudSec, India has the highest number of cyber attacks on health services after the US.

Cosmos Bank Cyber ​​Attack
Scammers attacked Pune’s Cosmos Bank in 2018. In this attack, hackers stole Rs 94.42 crore from Cosmos Cooperative Bank Ltd. This cyber attack on Cosmos Bank shook the entire banking sector of India. According to reports, to carry out the attack, the hackers first hacked the bank’s ATM server and obtained the information of many Visa and Rupee debit card holders and then stole their money.

Canara Bank ATM System Hacked
In the same year, scammers targeted Canara Bank’s ATM server and wiped out around Rs 20 lakh from various bank accounts. About 50 people were affected in this incident. According to sources, the cyber attackers had ATM details of more than 300 users. The hackers used skimming devices to steal the information of debit card holders.

UIDAI’s Aadhaar software hacked
In early 2018, scammers stole the records of 1.1 billion Indians as Aadhaar card holders. At that time UIDAI had revealed that the Aadhaar details of people have been leaked online from around 210 Government of India websites. The leaked data included Aadhaar, PAN and mobile numbers, bank account numbers, IFSC codes and personal information of cardholders.

sim swap scam
Two hackers from Navi Mumbai were arrested in August 2018 for allegedly transferring Rs 4 crore from multiple bank accounts. He had illegally transferred money from the bank accounts of many people. By getting the information of the SIM card in a fake way, both the attackers blocked the SIM cards of the people and carried out the transaction through online banking with the help of post fake documents. During this, he also tried to hack the accounts of various companies.

Fraud cases reduced in the last few years
The number of cyber attacks by scammers may have increased in the last few years, but frauds in banking transactions have come down. The government claims that the amount involved in online fraud has come down by about 17.5 per cent to Rs 128 crore in FY 2022. Whereas last financial year this amount was Rs 160 crore. At the same time, according to RBI data, there was a fraud of Rs 185 crore in the financial year 2019-20. Whereas in the financial year 2022-21, there was a fraud of Rs 160 crore. At the same time, with a decline of 17.5 percent this year, this amount has come down to Rs 128 crore.

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