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These 7 defects start coming in a month as soon as the ‘airfilter’ of the bike gets jammed, know what to do

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Air filters are very important in any two-wheeler vehicle. However, many times people take air filters lightly, due to which they have to face a lot of trouble. If the air filters are not checked and replaced at the right time, a lot of dirt can accumulate in the air filter. Not only this, if the vehicle is continuously driven in a dusty or dirty environment, dirt gets deposited in the filter. This affects the performance of the bike or scooter. Know how your car is negatively affected by dirt in the air filters and what can be done about it.

drop in power

Due to the ingress of dirt in the air filter, sufficient amount of air is not supplied to the engine. As a result, there is a lack of consistency in acceleration even with constant throttle inputs.

risk of carbon deposits

Due to the ingress of dirt in the air filter, the amount of air does not reach the engine adequately, due to which there is also a risk of carbon deposits in the engine. This also increases the chances of the engine light being triggered.

There is a drop in fuel efficiency

Due to clogged air filter, sufficient amount of air is not supplied to the combustion chamber. Due to this, the fuel consumption in the vehicle starts exceeding the requirement, due to which there is also a decrease in fuel efficiency. It is important to note that the air filter must be checked at every service check-up. Accumulation of dirt and dust can cause the air filter to appear black and change the color of the air filter from light to dark.

engine misfiring

A dirty air filter causes carbon deposits to mix with the air and fuel. Soot residue tends to accumulate on the spark plugs and can lead to a misfiring hazard in a petrol engine.

black smoke from the exhaust pipe

If black or dark gray smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe of your vehicle, then it is also a sign that the mixture of air and fuel is not combusted properly and this result is actually due to dirty air filter. Get it on the go.

smell of fuel

If sufficient amount of air is not supplied to the engine, the unburned fuel continues to flow through the exhaust pipe. As a result, the smell of fuel continues to be emitted.

Strange sound can come from the car

If an air filter has become dirty, there may be a strange noise coming from the vehicle due to insufficient supply of air. This is especially seen on the vehicle at the time of acceleration.

air filter replacement cost

Usually, the price of air filters for compact cars or SUVs ranges from Rs.800 to Rs.5500. The special thing is that expensive air filters can be reused even after cleaning. Air filter replacement is usually included in the basic labor charge only when the vehicle is being serviced. Generally this range can be from 1200 to 2500 for middle class budget cars.

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