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These 6 dangerous apps found on Google Play Store can wreak havoc on the phone, the matter is also related to Pakistan.

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New Delhi. Google Play Store offers millions of apps to Android users. You will find some app for every type of work in the store. Cyber ​​criminals see this as an opportunity. Criminals secretly embed malware in apps and then try to steal the data of innocent people and loot them. Google has a program called Play Protect to check these apps. However, some apps still succeed in bypassing tight security. These later become a threat to the users. In a recent report, information about 12 such dangerous apps has been given. Of these, 6 apps are present on Google Play Store and they are spreading malware.

According to the report of BleepingComputer, researchers of cyber security company ESET have identified 12 dangerous apps. Among these, a remote access trojan (RAT) named VajraSpy is present. This malware is used for espionage by the Patchwork APT group. Of these, 6 apps were officially available for download on Google Play Store. Whereas, the remaining 6 can be accessed through third party app stores.

Pakistani users were being targeted
Of these, 11 apps were available as messaging apps. Whereas, one existed as a news portal. The report said that the malware present in the apps was used to specifically target users in Pakistan.

Once downloaded, these apps spread malware called VajraSpy on the smartphone. This malware is capable of extracting data like contacts, messages, files, device location and even the list of installed apps.

    • Rafaqat
    • Private Talk
    • MeetMe
    • Let’s Chat
    • Quick Chat
    • Chit Chat
    • Hello Chat
    • YohooTalk
    • TikTok
    • nidus
    • GlowChat
    • wave chat

Almost all the apps present in Google Play Store have been removed. At the same time, do not download these apps by mistake from any third party app store or platforms and if you have done so before, remove them from the phone immediately. Because, they can steal your data and also empty your bank account. Also, if you download any other app, check it thoroughly beforehand.

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