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These 5 Ways to Free Fire Will Prevent Players From Going Out of the Safe Zone

Surviving till the end is the biggest challenge in the Free Fire Battle Royale game. Players can win the match by surviving till the end of the game. In any Battle Royale match, players are at risk of getting out of the game after being out of the safe zone. Today we are going to tell you about such methods of free fire, by following which you will not be trapped outside the safe zone and will be able to survive till the end. 

watch the timer

Always keep an eye on the timer during battle royale matches. You’ll find this timer at the top of the screen. As soon as the safe zone starts decreasing, the count down will start in the timer. By which it will be known that the safe zone is decreasing and you will be able to move towards the safe zone faster.

Go through the map carefully and mark the safe zone

Map is a great tool in the Free Fire game, through which the player gets to know about the play zone and safe zone. Through the map, it is known which island the player is currently in. By marking the safe zone on the map, the player gets to know how far the safe zone is from where it is now. This helps to stay inside the safe zone. 


New players who do not have much experience playing battle royale games, they end up playing anywhere on the map, which can be dangerous later. As soon as the safe zone starts shrinking, it is not known which way to move. The advantage of playing on the edge of the safe zone is that when the safe zone shrinks, the player can move to the side where the safe zone is growing. Apart from this, it also helps to send the player of the opposing team out of the safe zone.

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Do not clash with the opposing player outside the safe zone

Most new players understand the meaning of the battle royale game is to shoot the opposing team in front. Whereas in the battle royale game, it is more important to be safe yourself along with eliminating the opposing team. In such a situation, always keep in mind that go outside the safe zone and shoot the opposing player.

Rotate your movement once you reach the safe zone

As soon as a new safe zone appears during the game play, the player should immediately change his movement i.e. rotate it. Most players don’t do this. As soon as the player sees the new safe zone, stop his movement and turn around so that he cannot go out of the safe zone.


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