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These 5 features of Telegram are very useful, you must not have used them for sure

New Delhi: If you are active on social media then you must know about Telegram app. This app has many such features that make it different from other social media apps. The most important thing is that large files can be transferred easily on Telegram. Along with this, users can also download movies and web series on it.

But do you know that the message sent by mistake on Telegram can also be edited. Apart from this, you will get to see many more special things in Telegram. So let’s know about some powerful tricks of Telegram which makes Telegram fun.

create chat folder
We follow a lot of channels and groups on Telegram which get mixed up with individual chats. Keeping all these chats in one panel makes things a bit difficult to understand and see. To overcome this problem, Telegram keeps a feature ‘Chat Folder’, with the help of which you can organize your chats in different labels. This makes it very easy to clean and manage the Telegram panel.

Adding Nearby People and Groups
With the help of Telegram, you can add it to your Telegram without sharing the number with anyone. Telegram allows you to search Telegram users and groups by location.

Edit a sent message
Has it ever happened to you that you sent a message and within a few seconds you felt that you had written something wrong? Telegram also comes with a solution for this, so that you can edit your sent messages.

Delete sender’s message
You all know that you can delete the message you send, but Telegram allows you to delete the message sent by the sender as well. Here you can delete the message not only for yourself but also for the sender and this message will be deleted from both the sides.

Using Multiple Accounts
Telegram allows you to run multiple accounts on a single app. To add a new account, you have to create a new account by pressing the + button at the bottom of your profile.

lock your chat
One of the reasons why Telegram is so popular is its privacy. It not only provides end-to-end encryption of things on the server side but also allows users to lock their chats. This is great for keeping personal chats safe when you’re giving your device to someone else. Telegram provides many more such features so that you can enjoy your chatting.

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