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Apple has added many new features to the iPhone 14 series and iOS 16.
However, it has many such features which are already present in Android.
Most of the features found in the iPhone are already included in Android.

New Delhi. Apple has rolled out iOS 16 after the launch of the iPhone 14 Series. The company has added many new features to it. However, it has many such features which are already present in Android. Actually, Apple adds new features to its iPhone software (iOS) with great care. This is the reason why the company has lagged far behind Android in terms of adding new features.

Whenever Apple brings new features for iOS. Most of those features are already present on Android smartphones. Many such features have been given in iOS 16, which are already present in Android, so let us tell you about five such features found in iOS 16, which have already come in Android.

crash detection
Apple has introduced crash detection feature in the iPhone with iOS 16. However, this feature first came in the Google Pixel lineup. Google has included it in the personal security app. However, it is limited to only Pixel devices so far. Like Apple’s crash detection feature, it also gives you the option to set up SOS in an emergency, which is useful in case of an accident.

action mode
Apple has also added Action Mode to the iPhone 14 Series. It helps users to shoot stable videos. However, before the iPhone, this feature has come to Samsung and other flagship Android smartphones.

always on display
In iOS 16, Apple has introduced the feature of Always-On Display. This feature keeps some pixels of the display on even when the screen is off and shows the necessary information using less battery. This feature was launched by Samsung in 2016 with the Galaxy S7 smartphone. After this, companies started giving Always-on display to Android smartphones with AMOLED panels.

auto focus front camera
Apple has added the feature of front camera auto focus in its new iPhone 14 series. But this feature has been present in Android smartphones for years. It was first introduced in the Pixel 3XL launched in 2018. This feature is also present in Samsung’s flagship smartphones for years. At the same time, selfie autofocus camera is also available in the latest Galaxy S22 smartphone.

lock screen widget
With iOS 16, support for lock-screen widgets has also been added to the iPhone. Although
The lock screen widget feature was introduced in Android only in 2012. However, it was later removed. It is worth noting that the lock screen customization is very limited in both the OS.

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