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These 5 companies are at the forefront in getting user data, you will be shocked to see the list

New Delhi: A new study on user data privacy has come out. In which this is disclosed. Which companies collect users’ data. See which company is ahead in this. You may be shocked to see this list. Google is at the top of the heap of data. The study also revealed that Apple collects less user data than its rivals like Google and Meta. Apple has always emphasized that it is a privacy focused company. Apple calls privacy a fundamental human right.

Apple is at the bottom of the list with 12 points
In fact, Stock App, a stock trading app and market analysis platform published a study. In which this disclosure has been made. Apple is the most committed to protecting user privacy among the five major digital firms Google, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. It only collects and stores information. which is required to maintain the user’s account. Apple is at the bottom of the list with 12 points. Apple does not have a search engine or social media website or an all-purpose shopping website. This eliminates the need for edition data on clients like Google, Meta and Amazon.

Google topped the list with 39 points
According to the study, each of the five data firms focuses on a special data category, regardless of quantity. Google collects more different types of data about its users than anyone else. This is the reason why it tops the list with 39 points. Google relies heavily on third party trackers for highly targeted advertising. Google stores on multiple domains. It can also learn about the history of the browser. StockApps said that if this data exists, it is likely that Google is collecting it.

Behind Facebook, Twitter and Amazon with 14 points
Twitter is second in this list with 24 points. It is followed by Amazon with 23 points. Most shockingly, Facebook is in fourth place with 14 points above Apple. This means that Facebook accumulates (collects) less data on its users than Google or Twitter. Facebook is part of the data harvesting controversy. But, the new study also revealed that the company has improved.

Users should use browser instead of Chrome: Study

Many people have no idea about this. Who is collecting your information? The study said that it is beneficial for users to use privacy focused apps and browsers instead of Google Chrome. The study said that Google keeps the specific location data of its users.

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