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These 5 apps compete with Twitter, use them for free

New Delhi. Elon Musk has made his intentions very clear. They said that Twitter Users will have to pay money. In this, blue tick users will have to pay $ 8 i.e. about 660 rupees every month. This decision of Elon Musk is being fiercely opposed. If you do not want to pay $ 8 to Twitter, then there are many such apps in the competition of Twitter, which are better than Twitter in terms of features and user interface. The funniest thing is that you will not have to pay a single penny to run these social media apps.

It is the most used micro blogging app after Twitter. Elon Musk himself announced that users who do not want to pay $ 8 to run Twitter, they can use Mastodon Apps. Mastodon is an open-source and free app. Features like Twitter have been given on this platform.

Tooter App is a similar name to Twitter. This app allows you to post short messages. Like Twitter’s tweets, Tooter’s short message is called Toots. Like Twitter, photos, videos and text can be posted in it. It has the option of follow, unfollow.

Tribel is a social networking app. Content can be categorized in the Tribel App. Meaning users can customize the timeline for the content of their choice. In this, users can choose their favorite topic like Twitter. Apart from this, you can target a select audience, which increases the chances of your post reaching the right person.


Every Indian would know about Koo. Actually it is a homegrown social media platform, which gives an experience exactly like Twitter. This app is available in 10 languages ​​of India. Verification is offered to everyone on the Koo app for free. Yellow tick is found on koo instead of blue tick. Also some different verification ticks are also available.

Mitrasetu is also a homegrown social media app. The app comes with Messenger feature, which allows users to share stickers, images, videos and documents with each other. You can also post photos, videos and text messages.

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