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‘These’ 5 Absolute Features Make WhatsApp A Multipurpose App, Users Get Double The Happiness Of Chatting

New Delhi: WhatsApp features are abandoned, which gives users a better chatting experience. Earlier it was only seen as a messaging app, but with the help of WhatsApp group video calls and payments can also be made. As such, the company has recently announced the addition of a number of new features. Which will soon be available to the public. WhatsApp has around 500 million users in India. Let’s learn about some interesting features of WhatsApp.

Community Feature: According to WhatsApp, the community will include Colletios of various groups. The company wrote in a blog post. Community Admins will receive powerful tools to control which groups can be added.

Can share 2GB files:
A great feature will be available on WhatsApp, which will make people’s work easier. Which WhatsApp Users can share 2 GB of files on the app. The good news is that this feature will be for both personal chat and group. But it is worth noting that the paddles will be limited to documents only.

Up to 32 people can join a group voice call at the same time: If you use WhatsApp to talk to friends, relatives or coworkers. So now you will have double the fun of making group calls. Because, now up to 32 people can join WhatsApp group voice call at the same time. The app is also offering one-tap voice calling with a new design for this. Currently, a maximum of 8 people can join a group voice call.

WhatsApp Pay: People are now opting for digital payments. Because in this the payment is done quickly. To compete with Google Pay and Phone Pay, WhatsApp has entered the digital payment field along with WhatsApp Pay. Recently, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) allowed WhatsApp to increase the user limit for digital payments to 100 million via UPI. Which is two and a half times higher than the previous limit of 40 million.

Send a message on WhatsApp:

If you get bored while typing a message, you can also send a voice message on WhatsApp for chatting. All you have to do is record your message. According to WhatsApp, users send an average of 7 billion voice messages to the platform every day. Recently, the company has released a new update for WhatsApp voice messaging, after which it has become more interesting. Now features like draft preview and out-of-chat playback have also been added to WhatsApp voice messages.

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