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These 17 apps steal money secretly by entering the phone, deleted by Google, see the complete list

New Delhi: 17 popular apps : If you are running an Android phone, you need to be a little alert. Google has deleted 17 apps. Who used to break into the phone and steal people’s money. Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. However, privacy and data security issues are always coming up. In December 2021, 12 Android apps were stealing device users’ banking details. Now 17 new apps have been removed from Google Play Store in the same way. According to a report by a security research firm, Trend Micro, the app was stealing users’ banking credentials, PINs, passwords, and other information related to the online banking app.

Apps that steal money from Android users’ banking apps
Applesa Dropper apps that deliver malware to bypass Google Play Store security and steal data. These apps contain the payload of Malaysian apps. which are installed on the phone. A list of 17 apps has been prepared in this. These apps are very dangerous. If your phone has these apps, delete or uninstall them immediately.

See the full list.

1. Call Recorder APK (com.caduta.aisevsk)

2. Rooster VPN (com.vpntool.androidweb)

3. Super Cleaner – hyper & smart (com.j2ca.callrecorder)

4. Document Scanner – PDF Creator (com.codeword.docscann)

5. Universal Saver Pro (com.virtualapps.universalsaver)

6. Eagle photo editor (com.techmediapro.photoediting)

7. Call recorder pro+ (com.chestudio.callrecorder)

8. Extra Cleaner (com.casualplay.leadbro)

9. Crypto Utils (com.utilsmycrypto.mainer)

10. FixCleaner (com.cleaner.fixgate)

11. Just In: Video Motion (com.olivia.openpuremind)

12. com.myunique.sequencestore

13. com.flowmysequto.yamer

14. com.qaz.universalsaver

15. Lucky Cleaner (com.luckyg.cleaner)

16. Simpli Cleaner (com.scando.qukscanner)

17. Unicc QR Scanner (com.qrdscannerratedx)

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