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These 14 companies sold 3.21 lakh cars in India last month, the battle between Tata and Hyundai intensified, see details

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Top 10 Most Popular Car Companies In India,
Petrol and diesel prices are skyrocketing in India, but it has not had a significant impact on car sales. You will be surprised to know that in the last month March 2022, more than 3.2 lakh cars have been sold in India and as always, Maruti Suzuki occupies the position of number 1 car company. At the same time, there is a tough fight between Hyundai and Tata Motors for the second position. Along with this, companies like Mahindra, Kia Motors, Toyota and Renault have also shown annual growth in car sales. If you also wish to see the March 2022 car sales report of the popular car companies of India, then today we are here with all this information for you.

Maruti Suzuki continues…
Looking at India’s popular car company and their last month’s car sales report, Maruti Suzuki has sold the highest number of 1,33,861 cars and Maruti has the highest share of 41.63% in the Indian car market. After this, Hyundai Motors sold a total of 44,600 cars. At number three was Tata Motors, which sold a total of 42,293 cars and stayed away from getting the second position by just a little less than two and a half thousand. Tata is followed by Mahindra, which sold a total of 27,603 cars in March 2022. Kia Motors finished fifth, selling a total of 22,622 cars. Toyota, ranked sixth, sold a total of 17,131 cars. After this, Renault sold a total of 8,518 cars.

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View Halo of Honda, Skoda, Jeep, MG, Nissan
Honda sold 6,589 cars in India last month and stood at number eight. Skoda Auto India sold a total of 5608 cars in Norch with an annual growth of 383 per cent. It was followed by MG Motor India, which sold a total of 4721 cars. Volkswagen’s car sales have increased and this company has sold 3,672 cars in India last month. It was followed by Nissan, which sold a total of 3007 cars. Jeep has sold a total of 1273 cars in India. After this, the Citroen company sold a total of 52 cars in India last month. In this way, these 14 companies sold 3,21,550 cars in India last month, which is an annual growth of 0.31 percent.

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