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There will be no worry about money in old age, you will get a pension of 75,000 every month! Invest like this

National Pension System Calculator: It is the desire of every person that after retirement planning, he does not have any shortage of money. When a person has a job, he has a regular source of income, but after retirement, that source ends. In such a situation, pension can prove to be very helpful for household expenses. If you are also worried about your retirement planning, then we are giving you information about a scheme in which you can get strong returns by investing. The name of this scheme is National Pension System i.e. NPS. If you invest in this scheme by doing smart planning, then you can get a pension of up to Rs 75,000 per month after retirement.

What is National Pension System?
National Pension System is a great scheme for retirement in which you can create a fat fund by contributing money every month. You will get this fund at the time of retirement. Along with this, you will also get annuity amount as pension. The government started this scheme in the year 2004. The reason behind starting this scheme was that after retirement every person gets pension and funds. This will provide security to the senior citizens of the country. This scheme is very beneficial for those people who want a fixed income every month in their account after retirement. The risk in this scheme is less and the returns are strong. It gives returns up to multiple times than PPF Scheme, FD Scheme etc.

How to invest to get a monthly pension of Rs 75,000?
Let us tell you that under the National Pension Scheme, the investor is required to buy an annuity of 40 percent of the total share of his NPA scheme (NPS Scheme). At the same time, you can get only the remaining 60 percent as a lump sum in the form of retirement fund. If you want a pension of Rs 75,000 every month, then you should have a fund of at least Rs 3.83 crore till maturity. For this, by starting investment at the age of 25, one has to invest continuously for the next 35 years. This investment will be of Rs 10,000 monthly.

In such a situation, a fund of Rs 3.83 crore will be prepared for you on the annual return of 6% to 10% according to the market. If 40 percent of this is on annuity, then it will give you a pension of about Rs 76,566 every month. On the other hand, a person who starts investing in 30 years will get a pension of Rs 75,218 for investing money for the next 30 years. For this, you have to invest Rs 16,500 every month.


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