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There will be no electricity crisis in the country, India has coal reserves for more than 30 days

India has enough coal reserves to meet the demands of more than 30 days and there is no need to panic. News agency NNI has given this information quoting government sources. Sources said that Coal India Limited has a stock of 72.5 million tonnes (mt) of coal.

India has an average coal reserve of 22 million tonnes in power plants and an average of 2.1 million tonnes of coal is replaced by the plants every day. Sources said that therefore there will be no shortage of coal in the country.

10 days stock in power plants
According to sources, India still has 10 days’ stock in power plants and the country has coal reserves of more than 30 days. According to ANI, another top official told that there is no shortage of coal, especially in Maharashtra. The government has directed states to review PPAs with power plants and Maharashtra is already reviewing the same.

With the onset of summer and the recovery of the economy, the demand for energy increased. In the month of April itself, the production of coal has increased by 20-22 percent. Ministry of Railways also increased the availability of rakes by 20 percent.

AIPEF had expressed the possibility of power crisis
Earlier, the All India Electricity Engineers Federation (AIPEF) had feared a power crisis in the coming times due to non-availability of coal in coal-based power generation plants across the country.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, AIPEF said that with the increasing heat, the demand for electricity has increased in most of the states of the country but coal-fired thermal power plants are not getting the required amount of coal. Due to this, many states are facing difficulty in bridging the gap between the demand and supply of electricity.

Federation spokesperson VK Gupta said that the country may face power crisis if adequate supply of coal is not ensured to thermal power plants.


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