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There were many who wanted to fly into space for almost half a million dollars. Virgin Galactic Shares First Achievements

Virgin Galactic has been selling tickets for flights “into space” for some time, although the tourist flights themselves intend to begin only at the end of next year.

According to the company, tickets are being sold more actively than the company expected. Recall that the ticket price is $ 450,000, while ten years ago the company sold them for $ 250,000, but the flights planned then did not take place due to the disaster with the VSS Enterprise.

At the moment, 100 people have bought tickets at the new prices, but at the same time many old customers have not canceled their orders, so as a result, Virgin Galactic now has about 700 customers waiting in line. And before the start of flights, the company is going to sell a total of 1,000 tickets.

Recall that a space flight on Virgin Galactic aircraft cannot be called, since they rise to an altitude of 80-90 km, which is below the Karman line, which for most countries is the conditional boundary of outer space.


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