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There was nothing like it on the domestic market. GAZelles and Sobols will receive the most modern media system

According to Quto, citing representatives of the GAZ Group, the new GAZelles and Sobols of the NN (New Next) generation will soon receive a new multimedia complex with telematics capabilities. This will be a unique system for the Russian market, created based on the needs of carriers and the wishes of drivers. As the Russian manufacturer assures, no one has offered anything like this on the domestic market before.

Thanks to the built-in telematics, the owner of the car will be able to receive data on its technical condition, fuel consumption, driver’s driving style, the actual route of his movement and much more in real time. All information will be updated every 10 seconds, and it will be possible to view it in a special personal account.

The driver will be able to see the delivery address of goods directly on the screen of the media system. Smart on-board navigation will independently build the best routes, calculating them based on the current traffic situation. The developers claim that this will greatly simplify the life of the deliverers.

“In the future, our task is to make sure that the driver working on the delivery does without a smartphone and papers, and the entire document flow is carried out through the media system,” said Vladislav Sidorov, Director of the Department for Advanced and Digital Projects of the GAZ Group.

The first model with the new media system will be Sobol NN, which will go on sale this fall. Dealers should have such vans in October or November, but at first the choice will be limited to the simplest versions with a 150-horsepower diesel engine. Modifications with a gasoline engine should see the light next year.

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