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“There must be compulsory vaccination”: a well-known virologist commented on the situation in Russia

Despite the lockdown and an increase in the number of deaths from coronavirus, some Russians are discussing the need for vaccination against COVID-19.

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and famous virologist Pyotr Chumakov decided to comment on all this. According to the specialist, in Russia there is an appallingly low level of vaccination – so much so that “we have to shout about it”.

This is very unpopular, of course, what I will say, but I believe that there should be compulsory vaccination. They might just crucify me there, but I think that [это нужно] in the name of these people who are now resisting.

Pyotr Chumakov

The specialist noted that in the future these same people themselves will thank the doctors for being vaccinated, albeit “forcibly”.

Chumakov believes that in order to stabilize the situation with COVID-19 in the country, at least 80% of the population must have immunity.

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