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There is real gold in the old mobiles lying in the house, think before throwing the mobile, see the details

New Delhi: Gold prices continue to rise. In India, people prefer to buy gold than to buy a luxury item. But, the mobile you use also has some amount of gold. Do you know that If you don’t know, find out. In fact, every mobile phone and tablet contains a certain amount of gold. So think before you throw away your old mobile phone or tablet. This is because gold can also be a washout. Apart from gold, other components are also used to make mobiles. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Because, its proportion is very low. According to a UN report, it takes 41 mobile phones to extract 1 gram of gold. Find out exactly which part of the mobile contains gold and why it is used.

Why is gold used?

Electronic devices like mobiles have some circuits. Many metals, including gold, are used to make these circuits. At the same time, a mobile has about 60 components. In addition to gold, copper and silver are also found in it. This is because gold, copper and silver are used to make mobile circuits. These three metals are considered to be good conductors of electricity. Also, gold does not spoil quickly.

The proportions, however, are much lower:

The amount of gold in mobiles is very low. Moreover, the process of extracting gold from mobiles is extremely difficult. It is also important to know this. Many smartphones are needed to extract large amounts of gold. But, it’s not that easy. Because only professionals can extract gold from mobile phones.

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Special chemicals are required:

Let’s see why it is so difficult to extract gold from mobile. In fact, some special chemicals are used to extract gold. This process is very complicated and big. Gold comes out of the smartphone after a multi-stage process. Only a handful of professionals are fully aware of this and can do the job of extracting gold from mobiles. If you want to know the current price of gold in your phone, it will be around 50-100 rupees.


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