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There is no place for the happiness of the users due to the setting of Instagram! Have fun chatting, just do this work

Instagram Tricks: Chatting on Instagram can sometimes create a big problem for you because when you are chatting with someone in a private way, then you feel that your chat is being read only by the person in front whereas it is not. Because the person sitting in your chat company is also reading. In such a situation, private things do not remain private and someone’s eye is always on them. If you do not want this, then Instagram offers such a feature, due to which you can keep your private chatting completely safe and no one will see it.

Actually, due to the feature we are talking about, you can make your chatting completely secure and encrypt it end to end. Hearing this work must be a bit difficult, but in reality it does not even take minutes and you can make the whole chatting secure in a moment.

If you also want to encrypt your chatting end to end, then for this you have to open the Instagram app first, after that you have to go to the right corner of the field and tap on the send or messenger button. After doing this, you will have to go to the top right corner and tap on the compose button. Here you have to tap on the block icon. After doing this you will see end to end encrypted chart next to the option. Now you have to select the account on which you have to do Android encrypted chat and you can also search its name here, after that you have to click and tap on the chat button and you are all set.


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