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There is no nominee in the post office account! How to get money after the death of account holders

How to claim Money in Post Office Account: The Post Office has crores of customers across the country. In such a situation, it keeps on providing many facilities to take care of its customers. While opening a savings account in the post office, customers are asked to fill the column of nominee.

It is necessary to fill the nominee because if an account holder dies, then in such a situation the money deposited in the account is given to the nominee, but many times it has been seen that people forget to fill the nominee while filling the form. . In such a situation, there is a problem in making money claim later.

What to do if there is no nominee?
If there is no nominee in the post office savings account, a special rule has been made for the amount less than 5 lakhs. According to this, if someone has a deposit of less than Rs 5 lakh in his account and dies, the death certificate of the account holder will have to be deposited in the post office. Also, the claim form has to be filled and then he has to submit letter of indemnity, affidavit, KYC document (Aadhaar Card) and security.

After this all your documents will be checked and your claim form will be cross checked. After that you will get the claim. This claim can be made within 6 months.

What to do on amount more than 5 lakhs?
If more than Rs 5 lakh is deposited in your account, then it is very important for you to submit a Succession Certificate. Through this certificate, you will have to prove that you are the real heir of the account holder. After this, you will also have to submit the rest of the documents mentioned above. You will get the claim of the money deposited in the account.

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