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There is no cheaper Broadband Plan than this, 300 Mbps Speed, Unlimited Data for less than Rs 17, see Details

New Delhi: Increasing use of the Internet has made it necessary to have high speed plans. If you are also looking for a year-round valid broadband plan, this is where your search can end. Because, today we are going to inform you about one of Excitel’s perfect long term high-speed broadband plans. Excitel offers only three broadband plans. Today we are talking about the company’s 300 Mbps plan, this plan is very cheap. Whether you are looking for high-speed broadband plans for long term validity or even for a short period of time, Excital has all kinds of plans for you. If you are looking for the most affordable annual high-speed broadband plan, be sure to check out Exitel’s discount plans.

One of the cheapest plans is the Excitel 300 Mbps plan:

Today we are telling you about the cheapest broadband plan. If users are looking for monthly plans, Excitel’s 300 Mbps broadband plan is available at an attractive price of Rs 899 per month. And, if the user wants to go for long term options, the monthly cost of the plan comes down even further.

Daily expenses less than Rs. 17:

Users who can purchase 300 Mbps plan from Excitel for 12 months will have to pay a one-time payment of only Rs 5,988. Which is like 499 rupees per month, that is 16. .63 per day. At this price, other companies do not even offer their 100 Mbps broadband plan. Moreover, the data offered with this plan is virtually unlimited. There is no fair-use-policy (FUP) limit on data, so users can use the Internet without having to worry about losing data.

Exitel’s 300 Mbps broadband plan comes with different validities, the list includes 3, 4, 6 and 9 months for Rs. 752, Rs. 636, Rs. 600 and Rs. 533. Note that none of the prices mentioned here include tax, the customer will have to pay additional 18% GST. In addition, a security deposit of Rs 2,000 will be required for the router. Which is refundable.

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