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There is no air and no puncture, unique tire that will change the driving experience

US based car maker General Motors and Michelin are jointly making a unique tyre. The name of this tire being made for passenger cars is Uptis, in which neither air enters nor does this tire puncture. According to both the companies, this new pneumatic tire is going to be seen in the upcoming new generation Chevrolet Bolt, besides this tire will be used in the next 3-5 years along with many other electric cars.

Unique punctureproof tire system

Uptis means unique punctureproof tire system and it never gets punctured. This tire is going to prove to be very beneficial as this tire gets rid of accidents due to tire burst while driving at high speed. It is being claimed that the life of this airless tire will be longer than normal tires and your car will never stop due to puncture during its use. Another big advantage of this airless tire is that most of the tires will not be scrapped until they reach their age.

Very less chance of accidents

Michelin claims that by using these tires, the car is much safer and the chances of accidents are also greatly reduced. Testing of this tire has already been started in GM vehicles and it continues to be used in Chevrolet’s current generation Bolt electric hatchback from 2019. Apart from this, Michelin North America President Alexis Garcin has indicated that the same tire is going to be used in GM’s upcoming compact EV.



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