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There are many benefits of home insurance, you get compensation even after theft, know the complete details

Home Insurance Benefits: It is everyone’s dream to have their own home. In such a situation, home insurance is necessary for the protection of the house. Home insurance is taken to compensate for the damage caused to the house due to natural calamities. Under this, apart from keeping the house safe, many other things are also covered. Earthquakes, floods and natural disasters can cause damage to the house. In this case, this insurance recovers the loss.

For these facilities, you can also get home insurance and can recover in case of damage to your house. Along with this, recovery can be done under insurance even on the loss of theft and other small things. Let us know what are the other benefits of home insurance.

what is home insurance

Just like life insurance pays the sum assured to the policyholder’s family in case of death, home insurance also covers damage to the house. A good home insurance can cover damages ranging from natural calamities to other types. Financial assistance is given by the insurance company on such insurance. Anyone can take this type of insurance. To take advantage of this, the amount of regular premium has to be paid.

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Benefits of Home Insurance

comprehensive protection
Home insurance covers not only your home but also the garage, hall, premises etc. Along with this, furniture and other products can also be covered under the add on facility.

natural disaster cover
In case of natural calamity, your house can suffer huge damage. In such a situation, this insurance can give a huge amount in the form of financial assistance to provide security to the entire house. You will not have to face much loss due to this.

cover from theft
Losses to the house caused by theft and burglary are covered. Some insurance policies even cover items stolen from the house.

How many types of home insurance are there
Insurance is available against fire, insurance to cover damages caused by natural calamities, insurance for tenant, insurance for landlord, comprehensive insurance, insurance for protection of household contents and insurance for repairs or reconstruction.


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