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The young man who tracked Elon Musk is now chasing Putin, ‘he’ is sharing important information

New Delhi: A few days ago, a 19-year-old youth Jack Sweeney This is the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk His private jet tracking was discussed on Twitter. Alan Musk also appealed to the young man not to be tracked. He had also offered 5,000 for this. He had said he would be rewarded Rs. 5,000 if he stopped tracking his private jet. However, Jack Sweeney turned down the offer. Now the young man is back in the spotlight. Jack Sweeney is now President of Russia Putin Has begun to track.

The young man has started tracking the flights of some of Russia’s most prominent people, including Putin. Sweeney is specifically tracking the planes of officials who have played a key role in the attack on Ukraine. Jack is claiming to be tracking the planes of these officers. Jack Micro Blogging Website Twitter From above, PutinJet is tweeting from an account. In just 4 days, these accounts have got over 22,000 followers. According to Jack, PutinJet Twitter Tracking details of several VIP aircraft from Russia will be shared on the handle. Also, he clarified that this tracking data cannot be claimed to be completely accurate.

This account called PutinJet is being tweeted about the movements of the aircraft. A screenshot is shared in the tweet. Contains aircraft information and maps. It gives information about where the aircraft is flying from. Along with PutinJet there is also a handle called Russian Oligarch Jets. This account, which was created a few days ago, also has more than 1 lakh followers. The RUOligatchJets account also claims that officers’ planes are being tracked. From this, many important information including name, flight information, time and route are being tweeted. In addition, information on officials who played a key role in the attack on Ukraine is being shared from other accounts.

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