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The year 2021 was great for car companies, Maruti sold 13.65 lakh cars, see the condition of the rest


  • Tata beats Hyundai in the last month of 2021
  • Maruti Suzuki cars are the best sellers in India
  • Nissan’s car sales jumped by 1421 percent last year

Most Car Selling Company In 2021 In India: The year 2021 was a great year for domestic and foreign automobile companies in India, where these companies sold more cars than the year 2020. The most popular of these companies was Maruti Suzuki, which sold about 13 lakh 65 thousand cars. In the last month of last year, Tata Motors even overtook Hyundai Motors, the second largest car company. However, if we look at the full year sales report, Hyundai Motors still occupies the position of the second largest car company in India after Maruti Suzuki. Let us tell you today that how many cars were sold by popular car companies in India last year and which company was the most profitable?

Maruti Suzuki is dear to every heart…
Looking at the car sales report for all the months of the year 2021, Maruti Suzuki was once again the most popular company and it got the most love from Indians and the most important thing is that in the top 10 best selling cars of the year, Maruti Suzuki has a total of 8. There were cars. Overall, Maruti Suzuki sold 13, 64,787 cars in the year 2021. After this, Hyundai Motors sold a total of 5,05,033 cars.

This SUV of Mahindra has created a ruckus

Nissan had bat-on-bat in India last year
Tata Motors was at number three in terms of selling the most cars last year and sold a total of 3,31,181 cars for this domestic company. Mahindra was at number four, which sold 2,01,693 cars in a year. Kia Motors also managed to make it to the top 5 and sold a total of 1,81,583 cars. Toyota Motors sold a total of 1,30,748 cars in India last year. After this, Renault sold 95,878 cars, Honda 89,133 cars, MG Motors 40,273 cars, Nissan 36,173 cars, Volkswagen 26,930 cars, Skoda 23,858 cars and Jeep sold 11,652 cars in India for the whole year.

Most Car Selling Company In 2021 In India 2

There is also a tremendous craze for this cheap SUV from Tata

goodbye to ford
Last year, Ford Motors said goodbye to the Indian market, due to which Ford’s sales report has not been disclosed. Let us tell you that in the year 2021, all these companies sold more cars than in the year 2020, but if we look at the sales growth, then in comparison to the year 2020, Nissan showed a growth of 1421 percent in the year 2021. Car sales of companies like Tata, Toyota, Skoda, Jeep saw a lot of growth.

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