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The fan can be stuck around the neck, it will get rid of the heat; Price only Rs

New Delhi:Summer The temperature has risen in many cities across the country. The summer mercury has risen and heat waves have been warned in several cities in Maharashtra, including Mumbai. Temperatures are expected to rise further by the end of March. Against this background many people prefer to buy fan, AC, cooler. However, if your budget is low then some cheap products are also available in the market. Available for less than a thousand rupees, these products will be very useful to you. There is a special fan available in the market, which will be especially useful for women working in the kitchen.

BAWALY Portable Mini Neck Hanging Fan Hands-Free Neckband

BAWALY Portable Mini Neck Hanging Fan The Hands-Free Neckband is a wearable fan that works at high speeds. This fan will reduce Ukada in minutes. This one Many band fans However, it is in high demand by consumers in summer. The price of this band band is around Rs.400. This fan is readily available on Amazon. This wing is very light, but powerful. This fan allows air to come directly to your face, which does not absorb heat. You can use this fan for hours.

This fan has a powerful battery. This allows the fan to run for hours. The fan can rotate 360 ​​degrees. You will have no problem using the fan, as its body is very flexible and can move in any direction. You can easily charge its battery with the help of USB charger. The noise is also reduced when the fan is started, so there is no problem. If you have low budget and don’t want to buy AC or cooler then this neckband fan is a great option for you.

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