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The world’s most unique sweet, which turns into medicine in the stomach

This sweet is beneficial for the body Image Credit source: pixabay

Many people like to eat sweets very much, during festivals they consume many sweets at once as if it is a very normal thing for us. Well, health experts agree that sweets are not good for health and if you want to remain healthy then stay away from sweets. But do you know that such sweets are found in this land of ours? Which has not just one but many benefits. Believe me, you will also be stunned to know about this sweet.

Here we are talking about a sweet called Liquorice, about which it is claimed that it acts as a medicine after entering our stomach. The interesting thing about this sweet is that it is both eaten and drunk. The surprising thing is that you can easily use this sweet as a herbal medicine also. A study has come out regarding this sweet, in which it has been claimed that its use can slow down the growth of cancer.

Is this sweet used in India also?

According to the report, this is a sweet of Western Asia and Southern Europe, which has been used as a sweet by the people of Europe for a long time, hence many elderly people are not unaware of it even today. In simple words, it is like an all in one pack in which everyone can be happy.

Regarding this, it is said that the Dutch and Italians used to make sweets from licorice root in the 17th century, which people liked a lot. If we talk about England, this sweet was started there in the 18th century. Well, you will be surprised to know that the root of Lokiris is nothing but liquorice. Its use is already known for Ayurvedic uses in India.


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