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The world’s most powerful gaming tablet, also with Windows. Asus is preparing ROG Flow Z13

Asus is preparing a tablet that is quite unusual and unique in a number of parameters. The model is called ROG Flow Z13 and it is a Windows gaming tablet.

On the teaser image, you can see the inscription stating that we have the most productive gaming tablet in front of us.

But everything is not so simple here. Apparently, the tablet will have a connector for connecting an external ROG XG Mobile video card. Last year, Asus released the very thin and light ROG Flow X13 laptop with this connector. XG Mobile, in turn, was a mobile GeForce RTX 3080 in a small separate case.

In the case of a tablet, it is simply impossible to install any productive 3D card inside, but such a solution will really allow positioning the device as a gaming one. However, in the case of a laptop, the XG Mobile module was sold separately, so the situation may be the same with a tablet. And without an external video card, the gaming capabilities of the new product will be much easier.

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Presumably, the ROG Flow Z13 will receive a new Ryzen 6000 APU with a powerful iGPU, but of course, this cannot be compared with a full-fledged video card. The announcement is expected on January 4.


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