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“The world’s most advanced robot” Ameca is now able to demonstrate 12 types of emotions through facial expressions. Including disgust, pain and regret

Last year, the British company Engineered Arts made a splash by showing its humanoid robot Ameca, which has advanced facial expressions. And now a new video has appeared, where they showed even more impressive capabilities of the machine.

Now Ameca can show 12 types of emotions through facial expressions, including distrust, disgust, pain, and even something that looks like regret. The developers call their brainchild “the world’s most advanced human robot” and say that it is designed to study the interaction between humans and robots.

The robot has already been shown at various events, including in January of this year it was demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas.

It is not yet known whether the robot has a full-fledged AI, but even the imitation of emotions and facial expressions looks amazing and a little creepy.

Meanwhile in Russia developed sniper robot, which has been created for several years. It was shown at the Army-2022 forum.

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