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“The world’s most advanced 3nm processor.” Apple threw a lot of effort into the creation of the Apple A17 and the new SoC Apple M

According to Tianfeng International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is investing most of its resources in the development of new single-chip systems.

In particular, it is said that Apple is placing great importance on the creation of a new 3nm Apple Silicon SoC, which will offer a significant improvement in performance and power consumption compared to its predecessors.

Because of this, Apple even delayed the development and mass production of its own 5G and Wi-Fi chips. If all goes according to plan, Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple’s “world’s most advanced 3nm processor” to enter mass production as early as this year.

After the transition to the 3nm process technology, the performance of Apple Silicon chips will be significantly improved. We are talking about the Apple A17 SoC used in the iPhone 15, as well as the new Apple M series single-chip systems used in the Mac.

According to previous reports, Apple originally planned to seriously upgrade the Apple A16 single-chip system GPU in the iPhone 14 Pro series, but after discovering an “unprecedented” bug, it was forced to abandon the use of the new GPU. It was planned to add features such as ray tracing, but due to design flaws, it consumed much more power than expected, which directly affected the battery life and heating of the smartphone.

Therefore, a noticeable jump in performance is expected already in the Apple A17.


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