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The world’s first contact lens with an AR display was shown in the work

American startup Mojo Vision has unveiled a prototype contact lens with augmented reality features. A novelty called AR Mojo Lens can display an image directly into the user’s eye, performing the functions of smart glasses with a much more compact size.

According to the specification , the contact lenses are equipped with monochrome micro-LED displays with a diameter of less than 0.5 mm with a density of 14,000 ppi and a pixel size of 1.8 microns. The developers also promise a low latency value when synchronizing with other gadgets. Judging by the demo materials, for the user, the image looks like a “lantern beam”, highlighting part of the virtual screen in the direction of view.

According to CNET journalists who got acquainted with the novelty, the accessory is able to display various information interfaces, as well as work as a navigator, like a projector that displays data on the windshield of a car.

AR Mojo Lens

Now the design of AR Mojo Lens has not yet been finalized to the level of a commercial version. In particular, the power supply system of smart lenses directly depends on external chargers, which is associated with risks for the user. The date of receipt of the gadget on the market and its retail price are still unknown.

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