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The world of technology buzzed with ChatGPT! 100 million users in a month

New Delhi. There is a lot of discussion on the Internet about Artificial Intelligence (AI) based chatbot ChatGPT. ChatGPT of Open AI has created a stir in the whole world these days. At the same time, according to the UBS study, it has emerged as the fastest growing consumer application in the world.

It has 100 million monthly users in January. He has achieved this figure in just one month of launch. According to data from Similarweb, in the month of January, ChatGPT received 13 million unique visitors every day. Joe December 2022 has been almost twice as high.

what is chat gpt
ChatGPT takes its name from GPT or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, which is a deep learning language model that specializes in generating human-like written text. If you understand in simple language, ChatGPT is a kind of chatbot, with the help of which you can chat. You can ask any question to ChatGPT. On asking questions, it will answer your questions in detail.

what is deep learning
Deep learning is a machine learning method that consists of 3 or more layers of neural networks. This network tries to capture the behavior of the human mind.


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