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The wonder of space… James Webb Telescope captured the clearest picture ever of a star

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is taking many better pictures than scientists expected. This picture is of a star emitting an orange light. Many rules have been broken regarding this photo…Let’s know why this photo is so important?

Regarding the picture of this bright star taken by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), NASA said that 18 mirrors of the telescope have been aligned. They are working together. That is, he has now become a mirror. We’re getting better photos than we expected. It is astonishing and joyous.

The JWST team said that the orange star at the other end of our galaxy, which was photographed by the James Webb telescope, is about 2000 light years away from Earth. The name of this star is 2MASS J17554042+6551277. The red filter was used to enhance its visual contrast. So that the brightness of the star and the darkness of space do not mix together. Many galaxies and stars are visible behind this shining star.

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Webb engineer Lee Feinberg said that you will not see just one star in this picture. There are many stars in it. Galaxies and deep space. So far, all the functionalities of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) are working optimally. We are very happy with the pictures we are getting from her. Because these pictures are coming out better than all of us expected.

Record of the farthest telescope deployed from Earth

At the end of January, JWST had reached a distance of 1,609,344 km from Earth. Along with this, the American Space Agency NASA and the European Space Agency ESA had created new history. Because before this no telescope had been deployed at such a distance in space. It has been deployed around the Earth at the Second Larange Point (L2). There are five Larange points between the Earth and the Sun. At these Larenz points the balance of gravitational force remains.

The best technological eyes ever made by humans

This telescope will continue to work for the next 10 years. By the way, there is so much fuel in this telescope that it can work even for 20 years. This telescope will search for galaxies, asteroids, black holes, planets, alien planets, solar systems etc. present in the far depths of the universe. These eyes are the best scientific eyes made by man. The width of the Golden Mirror, the eyes of the James Webb Space Telescope, is about 21.32 feet. These are kind of reflectors. Which are made by joining 18 hexagon pieces. These hexagons are made of beryllium. On top of each hexagon, a layer of 48.2 grams of gold has been applied.

This hexagon mirror is the main lens of the James Webb Space Telescope. (Photo: NASA)
This hexagon mirror is the main lens of the James Webb Space Telescope. (Photo: NASA)

A challenge was to align all the hexagon mirrors

NASA had said that its one-month space journey is the most difficult part. But scientists have completed it safely. Because going so far and setting it at the exact place was a big challenge. After that, the second big challenge was to make a perfect mirror by aligning its 18 hexagons. So that the complete image can come from it. If a single hexagon is not set correctly, the image will be spoiled.

18 Mirrors become a mirror, then a good picture comes

NASA’s systems engineer Begona Villa said that we will not see a picture of any star. Because we will get a different picture of it from each hexagon. That is, 18 pictures of the same object together. It may also be that different hexagons are taking pictures of different stars. In such a situation, our work will increase that which star is what. For this we have to add all the pictures we get from it. Then it will be decided that how many stars or other cosmic objects are visible in it. But now it is confirmed that all the mirrors are aligned, now we are getting accurate photos.


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