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The weak point of the iPhone 14 Pro has been named. It’s a renovation

iFixit specialists disassembled the iPhone 14 Pro and found out that the ease of repair, as in the case of the iPhone 14, does not smell here. The thing is that Apple’s top phones, unlike the younger ones, have not undergone an internal redesign – they are more like their predecessors, the iPhone 13 Pro, which cannot be called a model of maintainability.

For this reason, the iPhone 14 Pro is still not easy to repair in the event of a screen replacement, and replacing the back glass will cost a pretty penny. You also need to open the iPhone 14 Pro like its predecessor – with screen heating and suction cups. A slight relief of this procedure is due to the fact that the glue is now not so tenacious.

Among the interesting features of the internal device of the iPhone 14 Pro are an empty place instead of a SIM card (only in the US models, in other countries the slot is still available) and the latest Qualcomm X65 modem, which not only greatly accelerated 5G communication, but also provides satellite communication through Globalstar system.

At the end, iFixit gave the iPhone 14 Pro a repairability rating of 6 out of 10. While the iPhone 14 received 1 point more.

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