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The use of Instagram in Russia has collapsed to one minute a day

In Russia, the time users spend on social networks has decreased. This is stated in the study of the audience of social networks by Mediascope.

Mediascope explains:

On March 14, one of the most popular social networks, Instagram, was blocked in Russia. Previously, it accounted for 15-20% of all social media consumption. The audience was partially redistributed to other resources, but the blocking of Instagram affected the total volume of use of this type of sites – the time spent on them by the average resident of Russia decreased.

According to Mediascope statistics, the time spent on Instagram (banned in Russia; owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist in Russia) fell from 13 minutes in early February to 1 minute on April 11–15.

According to experts, the earlier blocking of Facebook (banned in the Russian Federation; owned by Meta, recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation) did not have such an impact on the overall indicators of “staying” in social networks.

In general, in the third week of April, Russians spent an average of 57-58 minutes a day on social networks, while from February 24 to March 14 this figure was higher – from 66 to 72 minutes a day.

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