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The USA named the most overrated Russian-Soviet tank

The author stated that the T-80 tank is a prime example of how heavily armored vehicles can hide serious flaws. The T-80 was once considered by the military command to be a high-class machine, but these tanks suffered heavy losses in battles during the first Chechen war.

It is noted that in addition to problems with the design, the T-80 had other disadvantages: the car was too expensive and consumed too much fuel. Basically, the problem of the tank was the engine. Even for the T-80U, the new GTD-1250 power plant consumed too much fuel and was difficult to maintain.

In addition, the T-80 “Basket” automatic loader had a fatal design flaw. Another drawback was associated with the minimum vertical elevation and depression angles of the gun. So, during the Chechen events, it was impossible to shoot from a tank at the rebels who fired from the upper floors of buildings or from basements.

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