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The US turned off the crime prediction system after it targeted blacks and Latinos

From 2018 to 2021, many US residents faced police patrols as a result of the PredPol program. This program is aimed at predicting crime in the United States. At the same time, crimes were constantly predicted precisely in areas where blacks, Hispanics and the poor lived.

Markup and Gizmodo analyzed the reports of the PredPol program, which is designed to predict crimes. It turned out that in the neighborhoods where high-income whites lived, crimes were almost never predicted. The situation is reversed with the areas of Hispanics, blacks, and the poor. Here, crimes were foretold daily, sometimes even several times a day in various places. Therefore, police patrols were constantly sent to this area.

For example, in Haverhill, Massachusetts, PredPol recommended that police concentrate patrolling in areas with three times as many Hispanics and twice as many low-income populations as the city average. And in Elgin, Illinois, the areas with the lowest crime rates were richer. The areas with the most projections had twice as many low-income residents and more than twice as many Hispanics as the city average. As a result, the department stopped using this software.

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