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The United States, as an aid, offered Ukraine to arm itself with Soviet air defense systems

According to the authors, the United States does not have such air defense systems with the help of which Ukraine could solve its defense tasks to repel an allegedly planned attack from Russia. It is impractical to supply the famous MIM-104 Patriot system to Kiev, because it is associated with legal and organizational restrictions, moreover, it will require a long presence of American instructors in Ukraine – the system is difficult to master. The portable air defense system FIM-92 Stinger will not provide protection against a massive air attack, and it is difficult to deliver the Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) to Ukraine in principle.

Therefore, the United States does not have the air defense systems necessary for Ukraine, which occupy an intermediate position between the MIM-104 Patriot and the FIM-92 Stinger. Instead, the publication offers the Ukrainian army to acquire Soviet air defense systems that have survived in the Warsaw Pact countries, which are now NATO members. The Ukrainian military will cope better with such systems, since they have the appropriate experience.

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