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The threat of spam is increasing on WhatsApp, how to identify fake messages

The number of spam on WhatsApp is increasing continuously. Spammers have made the instant messaging app a new tool, due to which fraud is being done continuously. Some users believe that first fraud used to happen through email, then it started happening through SMS and now it is slowly being replaced by WhatsApp. There is also a lot of fraud in the name of promotional messages on WhatsApp. Fraudsters lure the users by sending fake job offers, discount coupons, and they have to face big trouble due to the small mistake of the users.

To get rid of spam and unwanted messages, WhatsApp has given information on how to prevent it on its FAQ page. Regarding spam, WhatsApp says, ‘Our goal is to reduce unwanted messages sent on the app’.

The app states that WhatsApp users who have your phone number can contact you on WhatsApp, even if they are not saved in your phone’s address book. It works in the same way that they can send SMS or call to your number.

How to detect spam?
1-WhatsApp provides several methods to identify and troubleshoot such messages.

2-Some things can also reveal that you have received a suspicious message or that the contact sending you the message is pretending to be a person who he is not in reality.

3-Check if the message includes the following, as these can determine whether the contact who sent the message is trustworthy or not:

4- If there are wrong spelling or grammatical mistakes, then understand that it is fake.

5- If you are asked to tap on a link or activate a new feature through the link, it may be fake.

6-If you are asked to share your personal information like credit card and bank account number, date of birth, password, then it can be fake.

7- Even if you have been asked to forward a message, it can be fake.

8- If you have been asked to pay money to use WhatsApp, then understand that it is fake.

9-WhatsApp says that WhatsApp is a free-to-use app and you do not need to spend money for this.

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