Monday, February 26, 2024

The third tank for Russia, which is not a tank at all. Official dealers sell crossovers Wey

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took place this week Announcement of crossover Wey 05 for Russia, Prices have not been announced yet, but dealers are already selling such cars. In the photo is an example of how the dealer «Avilon» greets the first buyers of Wey Coffee 01. The cost of this crossover is about 6,5 million rubles. Why is there a tank here? During the announcement Wey 05 it was said that sales and service of WEY cars in Russia will be carried out in the dealer network Tank.

As for Wey Coffee 01 – it is still the same Wey 05. It has a 2-liter motor, two electric motors (power of the power plant in the European specification – 476 hp) and a 9-stage «automatic». Dimensions of the car – 4870 x 1960 x 1690 mm with wheelbase 2910 mm.

How exactly Wey 05 will differ from Wey Coffee 01 is not yet known. According to «Chinese cars», which refers to the Russian office Haval, Wey 05 will receive some technical differences, and its price may be changed.

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