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The thief’s photo and phone location information will be available even after the switch is off, know how


Apple and Samsung have launched an app with the help of which the smartphone can be tracked.
With the help of this app, you will get the thief’s pictures and phone location even when the phone is switched on.
This app is completely free and Android users can download it from Google Play Store.

New Delhi. Apple and Samsung have recently launched such an app, with the help of which even if the thief switches it off after stealing the smartphone, users will still get information about the location of the smartphone. With the help of this app, you will also be able to see the pictures of the thief very easily on the registered mobile number. This app can be useful for those people who use expensive phones.

The name of this app is track it even if it is off and Samsung smartphone users can install this app from Google Play Store. This app is also called Hammer Security Application. At the same time, Apple users can also download the Hammer Security application from the App Store.

This app is absolutely free for both Apple and Samsung users. Apart from Apple and Samsung, the company will have to pay some money for installing this app in any other smart phone. Premium app is available for other company.

track it even if it is off
1. After installing the app, open it.
2. Turn on location permission in the app.
3. After this, as soon as you ask for permission, go on giving permission.
4. Now click on Activate device admin apps and do OK after entering the captcha code.
5. Then click on add emergency contact number.
6. Put the name and phone number of any of your friends in this family member.
7. Turn on fake shutdown by clicking on the first option.

This is how the information of the thief will be found
Thieves first switch off after stealing the smartphone. In such a situation, even after switching off the phone, it will not be switched off. But the thief will feel that the switch is off. Only after this, the picture and location of the thief will reach your number through a message. You can see the live location of your phone from this app. After that you can catch the thief. You can also give information about the thief to the police.

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